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First Visit:  On the first visit you can expect to be welcomed to our office.  You will either turn in our forms or fill them out if you haven't downloaded them.  We will ask to copy your insurance card(s) as well.  We are a very busy office and will try to begin your appointment right on time but if we are running a few minutes behind please be patient.  A complete history and exam will then be conducted.  This process usually takes about 45 min to 1 hour depending on the complexity of the case.  If deemed necessary, complex imaging will be ordered to further investigate your case but is often not needed.  If we find serious cause for concern we may even refer out to another specialist.  If we do not refer out your case we will then take a day to review the information and on the next visit explain how we can help.


Second Visit:  On this visit we will give a full report of findings and if no referral is needed we will begin treatment.  This is where we reveal to you what our diagnosis is and if we can help your condition.  Any imaging ordered will be reviewed and a full treatment plan will be explained.  We will inform you of exactly what we think we can do, or sometimes more importantly what we cannot do and how long we expect to achieve the results.  We will confirm patient goals, and establish doctor goals which may be more practical.  By the time you leave this visit you will fully understand the future treatment and even have a copy of the report to remind yourself where we are during your care.


Subsequent Visits:  Patients can expect to be seen based upon the treatment plan schedule.  Every healing capacity is different for each patient.  If objective findings improve drastically the doctor will modify the treatment plan as needed.  If more time is needed, more visits will be scheduled.  Treatment times consist of 10-15 minutes.  During care patients will be educated on their condition(s) and holistic approaches which involve diet, nutritional supplements, and or ancillary exercises and modalities may be used.  At the end of care the patient will be discharged and if needed placed on a maintenance schedule.
We hope this was helpful!  If you have more questions or would like to schedule call now.

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