This technique involves adjusting with the use of an instrument.  Giving a quick impulse to the spine, activator is extremely effective for joint pathologies elsewhere in the body such as the knees and jaw as well.  It is excellent for the elderly.  The instrument actually vibrates to the resonance frequency of the vertebra when it pulses to allow for maximum movement.  Patients often comment on how great they feel with such a gentle adjustment.

Activator Technique:

    Dr. Thompson is another engineer turned chiropractor and he also revolutionized our treatment and analysis of the spine for Palmer.  This system of adjusting involves looking at the balancing of the leg lengths as a response to nerve irritation and correction while utilizing the chiropractic table.  Pieces of the table will rise and then suddenly "drop" thus they are called "drop pieces."  Gravity essentially performs the adjustment. 

Thompson Technique:

    Dr. Gonstead revolutionized chiropractic as we know it.  A graduate of Palmer, he gave us a system of analysis and vectors of adjustments that catapulted our profession.  His clinic was so successful in Iowa he put every orthopedist out of business in his area and needed to build a hotel and airport next to it to fly patients in from all over the world.  Known for his 'leveled disc" hypothesis we utilize his technique and vectors in adjusting to obtain proper function of the vertebra.

Gonstead Technique:


There are well over 200 techniques in Chiropractic. Some involve complex analysis and others are based on simple motion palpation.  Some are low force and others are more traditional and manipulative such as Gonstead analysis and technique.  All techniques find and treat the subluxation complex.  Not all of these are taught in school however and the doctor must learn them outside of the curriculum.  The techniques used in this office are all taught in the Palmer College of Chiropractic curriculum and are well researched.  Dr. Joseph T. Barone and Dr. Alison M. Roberts prefer SOT analysis, Gonstead vector, and low force style adjustments/treatments.  A quick description of these can be found below:

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Our Techniques:

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    SOT is our primary analysis and adjusting protocol.  This system focuses on normalizing the relationship between the sacrum and the cranium (skull).  This technique is low force and utilizes neurological indicators to find subluxations in the spine where cerebral-spinal fluid may not be flowing to the nerves properly as well.  It often involves "blocking" or placing wedges under the patient and simply using the patient's body weight to administer the adjustment.  This allows for maximum time to restore communication between the pelvic proprioceptors and cerebellum of the brain.  This technique achieves great results with restoring balance, helping ADD/HD in children, and disc herniation.  Sciatica from disc herniation often responds within 30 seconds of treatment!


    Flexion-distraction was developed to treat herniated and bulging acute discs, both cervical and lumbar.  By flexing and distracting SPECIFIC vertebra with a target irritated disc, the disc tissue is decompressed.  The inflammation subsides over time and the patient's symptoms (usually pain and sciatica) resolve.  This is different than simply placing the spine in traction.  The doctor takes each vertebra in all of its ranges of motion and restores movement and function to the spine.  This serves to prevent the problem from arising again.  Some of the disc space between vertebrae can be rebuilt in this way.  If a candidate for this treatment a patient can be saved from the dangers of prolonged use of medication and unproven risky surgeries. 

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