All of Chiropractic care utilizes the "adjustment" to start the healing of the spine and other joints of the body.  What makes the adjustment so powerful is not that it is really expensive or technologically advanced, but because it actually treats the CAUSE (problem) rather than the effect (symptom).  Chiropractic is beautiful; the doctor only needs his/her hands to administer the treatment to the patient's body.  This may seem odd to some.  American culture is trained to think the more money and technology that is involved in patient treatment the more effective.  Chiropractic disproves this statement for over 27 million people a year!
    The adjustment in this office consists of a SPECIFIC high velocity, low amplitude (force) thrust from either hand or instrument.  Our techniques section describes in more detail the different ways we use to adjust. 
    The purpose of the adjustment:
    If I held your knee bent in a cast keeping it from moving, within three weeks the leg muscles, ligaments and cartilage in that knee would atrophy and begin to break down.  If you kept that cast on and did not move that joint it would eventually develop arthritis, become extremely painful to walk on, and after enough time the knee would eventually fuse.  The same process happens and is happening to most people's spines!  When joints in the spine become injured they often fixate.  This is like putting vertebrae in casts which leads to inflammation and degeneration.  Therefore the adjustment serves to: break up adhesions in the vertebral and peripheral joints to restore correct motion and function.  This has the effect of reducing joint inflammation, restoring range of motion, relieving muscle tension, and of course relieving the patient's pain and other symptoms.  When the joint inflammation subsides, specifically in the spine, something interesting happens: the nerves close by become less irritated.  Any tissue or organ that was undergoing pathology directly from this nerve being irritated will now improve.  This is the beginning of the healing process because now the CAUSE of the patient's symptoms were addressed and not the symptoms themselves.
   When these events take place and the symptoms start to subside, the spinal problem is considered healing.  The length of time it takes to heal depends on the patient.  Generally spinal tissues have an extremely poor blood supply and will need some time to repair.  Just like it takes an abrasion (cut) weeks to fully heal; in a similar way spinal tissues also need time.  Your doctor will tell you when it is safe to return to some daily activities which before aggravated your joint or spine.  Chiropractors are the only doctors in the world who take care of the body in this way.  If this makes sense to you then make an appointment.
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How we treat your spine: The adjustment

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