Can you benefit from chiropractic? 


     There are some simple questions one can answer and a few tests a person can perfrom with a friend to see if they could benefit from chiropractic care.  Did you know in a healthy individual it is not normal to be in any prolonged pain or discomfort?  Therefore if you answer yes to any of these questions you may have spinal subluxation.

     If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may have spinal subluxation.

  1. Now with a friend, have him or her stand behind you.  Without moving the rest of your body turn your head all the way to your right, then to your left.  Ask your friend standing behind if you can do this equally both ways.  You may even notice a difference yourself.
  2. Now have your friend place a hand on top of each shoulder and see if one hand is higher than the other.  Then the pelvis at the waist.  If one shoulder or side of pelvis is higher than the other you may be compensating for low back and or pelvic subluxations.
  3. Now even up your knees and lay on your bed, on your stomach with your ankles and feet off the edge (don't forget to breath!).  Have your friend look at your heels.  Is one leg shorter than the other?  If you have a short leg, then itís possible for you to have a spinal subluxation.  If you already have sciatica type pain down a leg, it will most likely be on the short leg side.
If any of these general scans have elicited a positive response you will be a good candidate for chiropractic.  We will look at your spine in much more detail and be able to explain exactly where your problems lie.  It is very frustrating to have symptoms from spinal subluxation.  But it is important to know that spinal subluxation and its symptoms can be helped!  Start feeling better with us by making an appointment today.
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