Chiropractic is a natural approach to health.  Founded in 1895 by Dr. DD. Palmer, the word "chiropractic" literally means "to be done by hand."  Chiropractic is a whole-body healthcare system where health is achieved through isolating and relieving irritations along the spinal cord known as "subluxations" to re-establish the brain-body relationship.  Chiropractic is the largest and safest alternative healthcare system in the world and there are currently 27 million people a year benefiting from this holistic branch of medicine. 
   The purpose of Chiropractic is simple:
to non-surgically restore function (movement) of the spine with adjustments, nutrition and exercise.  This reduces inflammation of the joint tissue and exiting nerves so they can restore health to the body.  Patients are most often (but not always) notified of this loss of spinal health with PAIN.
   What is health?  Health is about function.  Health in the spine is all about movement.  When the body can no longer adapt to a loss of spinal movement it begins to become unhealthy by getting inflamed, which then irritates nerves (subluxation) and later degenerating (arthritic changes).  It is this degeneration which shows up on X-RAY and MRI.  Symptoms can include pain, loss of motion, and muscle tension.  These are just some of the APPARENT symptoms of nerve and joint inflammation.  Many spinal problems however, develop unnoticed long before we are made aware with symptoms.  Chiropractors are trained to detect these abnormalities before they cause a loss of health.  Subluxation unchecked can lead to spinal degenerative disease and nerve transmission errors termed dysafferentation.  Dysafferentation occurs when irritated nerves transmit erratic signals to the brain.  The brain must then make sense of these messages and may mis-interpret them leading to the sending of improper commands.  These commands are what regulate the function of the body.  Its been shown that just the weight of a quarter's worth of pressure from inflammation can cause interference like this.  Therefore it is absolutely essential that the nervous system not be irritated from the joints of the spine.   
   How important is the nervous system?  There is not one physiological process that occurs in the body without the help of the nervous system.  It is the first tissue to form in the embryo and afterwards it directs the growth of every other tissue and organ in the fetus.  Every single cell in our body is touched by a nerve and therefore potentially influenced by it.  Very simply, if the nervous system is not healthy, then the body cannot be healthy.
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