Q.  What is that "popping sound" I hear sometimes when I receive an adjustment?


A.  That popping sound is simply nitrogen gas leaving the synovial fluid inside the joint capsule.


Q.  Do I need to have X-Rays or MRI's to be treated in this office?


A.  Absolutely not.  We only use X-rays if there are red flags during an initial exam or if a patient is not responding to care as expected.  Some red flags are: a history of trauma, we suspect infection, we suspect fracture, gross deformity, or if we suspect a serious underlying pathology such as cancer.  There are also rare exceptions when the standard of care dictates that we order an X-ray or MRI for the safety of our patients.  We do not use X-rays or MRI's as a primary analysis.


Q. I am nervous to be adjusted, is Chiropractic safe? 


A.  Statistically research has shown it to not only be safer than traditional Medicine, but also the safest alternative healthcare system in the world.  Let us compare Chiropractic to Allopathic Medicine:


 -A recent study by Healthgrades has found that 195,000 hospital deaths have occurred  EACH year in 2000, 2001, and 2002 in the US and were all due to possibly preventable medical errors.  The study also stated this should be a national epidemic.

-A 2006 follow up study by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies found at least 1.5 million people are hurt by medication errors each year. 

-In 2000 alone, an extra $887 million in medical costs for preventable drug related errors were incurred in Medicare patients alone and this study did not account for the loss in wages, productivity or other costs.

-the average Primary Care malpractice insurance premium is ~$15,000 dollars/year, surgeons and specialists such as OB-GYN can be upwards of $45,000-80,000 depending on the state.**


**these studies are all searchable in Forbes Magazine online from a non-profit organization which has made a report on safety concerns in hospitals.  Also research is available on Wikipedia.com.


    In contrast:

-the World Health Organization (WHO) states, "employed skillfully and appropriately, chiropractic care is safe and effective for the prevention and management of a number of health problems."

- A study on the chiropractic spinal adjustment published in the February 2002 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine reviewed more than 160 reports and studies on chiropractic. With regard to the safety of neck adjustment, it states: "The apparent rarity of these accidental events (stroke, disc herniation, fracture) has made it difficult to assess the magnitude of the complication risk. No serious complication has been noted in more than 73 controlled clinical trials or in any prospectively evaluated case series to date" (Meeker & Haldeman, 2002, p. 222). 

-In a 1993 study, it was concluded that chiropractic treatment of the lumbar spine by side posture manipulation is "both safe and effective" (as cited in Cassidy, Thiel &Kirkaldy, 1994). 

-The February 2002 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine estimated that only 1 of every 100 million manipulations have serious side effects.  That is about the same chance of getting hit by lightning!

-Money talks in this country and the average Malpractice premium for a Chiropractor is around $2,200 for the entire year.

- In other words, the research does not contain many people being hurt from an adjustment (by a chiropractor.)**


** Again, more information can be found on Wikipedia.


    We understand the way we treat the body is much different than any other doctor.  People sometimes fear what they do not understand.  It also doesn't help that some medical doctors are still illegally scaring patients about chiropractic and will not refer to a chiropractor.  Most people do not know the AMA tried to end our profession as little as 25 years ago.  Some people do not realize their "opinion" about chiropractic stems from this era.   

    Always make an informed decision.  Chiropractic is extremely safe; and comparing the dangers of medicine to chiropractic is ridiculous.  Judging from above, it would be wise to be concerned with the dangers and side effects of the medications one is taking and if they were properly prescribed rather than to be excessively cautious about adjustments.  This is why we always recommend treating pain with the least invasive means such as chiropractic and save drugs and surgery for last.  The long term effects of pain meds can be very dangerous and are significantly downplayed in our country.



Q.  How long will I need to be treated for and will I always have to come back?


A.  This is tough to answer.  It depends on the severity of the disease of the spine, the length of time it has progressed, other complicating factors such as age, diet, life-styles, patient goals for treatment, overall health both physical and psychological, and patient compliance.  Some cases are not very severe and discharge of patient is the end of care.  Other cases are more complicated and Chiropractic will not be a cure.  Maintenance visits will be the only way a patient will avoid drugs or surgery and live their lives comfortably.  Chiropractic is holistic and preventative in nature.  Most of our patients already have this attitude toward their health.  Therefore maintenance visits are encouraged but not mandated at this office.  We try to give an accurate prognosis for each of our patients. 


Q.  Does this office use low force techniques?


A.  Yes.   Dr. Barone Jr. and Dr. Alison Roberts prefer low force techniques.  Dr. Barone senior performs traditional manipulation but will perform drop work and or activator if requested.  There are a variety of doctors at this office so please ask for the doctor you think will suit your needs and preferences.  Please see our "techniques" section for more information.   


Q.  Will this office adjust the elderly or children?


A. Yes, most of our patients bring their whole families in to be treated.



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